Clarke Constructions

Client - Clarke Constructions
Project - User Interface Design, Website Development, User-only Access.

Clarke Constructions is a well-known construction company with over 20 years in the industry. Clarke Constructions have taken on a number of jobs for high-profile clients such as Richard Branson, Sullivan Nicolaides, and GOA. As Clarke Constructions reputation grew so did their need for an improved web presence.

The website showcases Clarke Constructions work, using an interactive home page - the selection of projects shown are randomised each time the page loads, whilst the quantity displayed reacts to the users browser and screen size.

The site design is intentionally minimal so as best to display the buildings and facades. Several animated photo galleries are utilised throughout the site, making viewing the photos easier and more intuitive. A password protected section was also created which allowed Clarke Constructions contractors access to necessary plans and blue prints.


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